Overall plan for CSH:


1. Master plan of SCH:

a. Multi-storey super-specialty building with the following distribution plan: 1st: floor-ICU 2nd: surgical GI 3rd: Gastroenterology 4th: Urology/Kidney Transplant 5th: Nephrology/Dialysis 6th: Cardiovascular Surgery/Heart Transplant 7th: Cardiology 8th: Neurosurgery 9th: Neurology 9th: Plastic/Reconstruction Surgery 10th Dermatology 11th: Orthopedics 12th ENT 13th Ophthalmology 14th: Thoracic/Respiratory medicine 15th: Oncosurgery / Medical hematology & oncology / Transplant 16th Rheumatology & Endocrinology 17 Fertility surgery/ Medicine

b. Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine block.

c. Mutistorey building for Emergency & Faculty rooms/ Library/ telemedicine/ Teaching rooms/ Research Rooms/ Conference hall

2. OPD & EHS:

System: e-number with time>Screening>Registration with stickers only>Vitals Room >OPD double carbon-included sheets> Respective Dept. room >one copy kept in room and the other given to pt. >Investigation form (two only: one for body fluids and other for other investigations) > Cash counter>Phlebotomist/diagnostic room>All investigation reports in computer print format> Report to Dr. > Rx in computer print>Referral colored stickers with date and sign of ref. Dr. >Admission re-registration with “A” added to the OPD registration number>Admission form filled (print) & Notes Sheet>Discharge (computer printed copy) > Cash counter/ Registration >Follow-up: OPD Schedule.


For regular (office) 9AM to 4 PM hours: screening/Dr. by rotation. For off hours: Each doctor room/Ceiling amount/Minimum duty: 3 hours 4 PM to 7 PM Maximum duty: 9 hours (4 PM to 10 PM and 6 AM to 9 AM)/ system of registration similar to regular hours except for the price and the choice of doctor.