1. Department of Medicine 

a.       Internal Medicine Unit

b.      Cardiology Unit

c.       Gastroenterology Unit

d.      Neurology Unit

e.       Clinical Haematology Unit

f.       Radiation Oncology Unit

g.      Dermatology Unit

h.      Psychiatry Unit

i.        Medical Oncology Unit

  1. Department of Anesthesiology
  2. Department of Family Medicine & Emergency
  3. Department of Surgery

a.       General Surgery / GI Unit

b.      Urology Unit

c.       Opthalmology Unit

d.      ENT Unit

  1. Department of Obs/Gynaecology
  2. Department of Orthopedics
  3. Department of Radio-diagnosis & Imaging
  4. Department of Pathology
  5. Department of Dentistry
  6. Department of Pediatrics
  7. Department of Nursing

a.       OPD

b.      Emergency

c.       OT

d.      CSSD

e.       Medical Ward

f.       Pediatric Ward

g.      Haematology Ward

h.      Gynae and Obs Ward

i.        Surgical Ward

j.        Post OP Ward

k.      ICU

l.        Orthopedic Ward

m.    Oncology Ward

n.      Housekeeping Unit

  1. Pharmacy Unit
  2. Physiotherapy Unit
  3. Department of Administration and Finance

a.       Administration Section

                                i.            Hospital Administration Unit

·         Engineering and Maintenance

·         Planning and Procurement

·         Hospital Management Information

·         Human Resource and Communication

·         Library

·         Social Service

                              ii.            General Administration Unit

·         Personnel Information

·         Security

·         Transport

·         General Store

·         Canteen

b.      Finance Section

                                i.            Revenue and Income

                              ii.            Expenditure

                            iii.            Internal Audit