About Us

The primary aim of CSH is to provide quality, state-of-the-art, and affordable healthcare services to all past and present civil service employees and their immediate family members.

In order to fulfill this primary aim, CSH has the following objectives:
  1.  Establish an efficient, transparent, and smoothly functioning hospital administration (i.e. self-sustainable as well as creative system).
  2.  Recruit, train, and retain sufficient numbers of dedicated, motivated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled specialist doctors in all specialties/super-specialties of medicine.
  3. Recruit, train, and retain adequate numbers of nursing, paramedical, and other supportive staffs with the same qualities expected to specialist doctors mentioned above.
  4.  Ensure high turnover of patients in the hospital by opening CSH to the general public as well. (Doing so would help improve the knowledge-base, experience, skills (both medical and surgical), morale, and income of both the specialist doctors and other supportive staffs, increase hospital income, and boost the image of the hospital as a socially responsible institution).
  5.  Provide our specialist doctors and supportive staffs regular opportunities for academic activities like research, continuous medical education, and training. Establish cooperation with best national and international hospitals and health-related institutions and arrange for exchange of clinical and other experts on a regular basis. Gradually develop CSH into a post-graduate training institution.
  6.  Engage hospital staffs on a regular basis in programs and activities that enhance their personal development and make them healthy, happy, and responsible towards their duties to patients and colleagues.
  7.  Provide adequate financial, job-related, and personal incentives to our staffs, especially specialist doctors.
  8.  Maintain CSH as a not-for-profit hospital.
  9. Campaign for the continuity of maximum possible subsidy for the charges of hospital service used by civil service employees.
  10. Utilize the extra income generated by providing healthcare services to the general public for subsidizing healthcare service charges, increasing incentives to staffs, and establishing a fund for social welfare of financially needy patients.
  11. Install the best and most advanced medical equipments available.
  12.  Make available all existing medical and surgical services at the earliest so as to prevent and discourage patients from seeking such services abroad.

The Hospital is responsible for all kinds of basic treatment of all civil servants and their dependent family besides general public all over the country. But above mentioned civil servant’s maximum six family members (Parents, Spouses and 2 children under 21 yrs) have been provided discount (Gazetted 40% Nongazetted and Retired 50%) facility. The discount card is available here for them at the cost of Rs 10/card, one who wants to utilize discount facility, then he must submit the card along with photos attested by the head of the office. The details of Personnel code (Shanket) no. must be recorded in Nijamati Kitabkhana.